Fabiola Mucito is an expert in the art of spray tanning. Having spent the last 5 years doing spray tans as her only livelihood, she has put in much of her time to hone her skills over the years. 
​Her ​experience of being spray tanned for the first time in her life, was what sparked her to want to master the art. "I was so surprised on how a little color on my skin gave me so much confidence to wear outfits I would of otherwise not worn. I was happy to show off my legs, I felt pretty, I felt new, I felt like I could be naked without being naked, lol. The best way I can describe a spray tan to someone who has never had one is: it's like makeup all over your body, it doesn't completely hide all the things we are self-conscious about but it does help minimize them." - Fabiola Mucito 
Fabiola has now completed over hundreds of tanning sessions, and gained the following of many clients (some of them being celebrities). With an inquisitive mind and a passion to execute every spray tan to be the very best: Fabiola’s spray tans are innovative, fun and performed with what she believes are the safest highest quality spray tan products and equipment used in the industry today.