Fabiola Mucito is an expert in the art of spray tanning, having spent years perfecting bronzed skin tones and flawless sprays. Fabiola has honed her craft at Los Angeles' most prestigious tanning spas, including Tan Naturelle, Spray Beverly Hills, Kevin Josephson and Ray Roberts .

“The first time I was spray tanned I took a big leap into self confidence because for one, I stood nude for 30 minutes in front of another person and she acted totally normal, and second I looked amazingly hot, lol. I went from wearing loose long clothing to tight sleeveless dresses and I haven’t gone back. ,” Fabiola says.
This experience sparked her to master the art. Fabiola has now completed over hundreds tanning sessions, and gained the following of many clients. With an inquisitive mind and a passion to execute every spray tan better than the last, Fabiola’s spray tans are innovative, fun and performed with what she believes are the safest highest quality spray tan products and equipment used in the industry today.