What should I do to prepare for my spray tan?
Prior to your spray tan, you should shower and shave. This can be done at any time frame. After your shower do not apply any lotion, oil or perfume on the body. Bring with you colored, cotton, loose fitting clothing to wear after your appointment. The clothing that you choose to wear at this point will be stained from the inside. Once washed, they will be fine. Avoid sweating, water and wait 6 hrs (or overnight) before rinsing off. The tan will reach a dark level at 6 hrs, then it will calm down to a lighter level once you rinsed off the product. If you rinsed off in 6 hrs, the color will continue to darken in the next 6 hrs to follow. 
Can I get a wax before my spray tan?
Yes, try to plan and schedule your wax a day before your spray tan. Sometimes there will be bits of wax left over on your skin. Allowing a day in between will help remove the left over wax in the shower. Never wax after a spray tan. You will see the wax strip mark on your skin. Threading is ok to do after your spray tan.